Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Working and working

I got home late last night and checked my email to find two emails of great interest.

The first said that my piece "Night Fire" was accepted into the SAQA show "On the Wall: SAQA @ Colorado Springs.This is the first time I have actually gotten into a SAQA show.

The second said that my piece " Distant Views 3" was accepted at Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie. After being declined before, it's nice to get in, finally!

Then today I got an email from a company that sells art in various methods and they indicated, in response to my interest, that they felt my work would be a "great addition" to their sales pieces (of which none are fiber art). So I have the contract to review and to get a CD done and discuss which pieces they will get their hands on.

This coming Saturday I'm off again to Nevada for the "Meet the Artist" at the gallery there. I also have to get a bunch of my finished post cards and 6 x 8" pieces mounted on black cotton duck and stretched onto the stretchers so I can deliver them to Artinsan's International.

The the following week I'm off for my first trip to Houston for Festival.

The day after I come home, I'm off to Modesto for a reception with two other fiber artists, at a gallery at a Catholic High School. I also need to deliver some new work to a gallery in Modesto that has some of my stuff from a long time ago.

And then a week and a half later I get to go off to Art Quilt Tahoe to study with Charlotte Yde. That should be lots of fun! The only down thingy is that I will miss my grandson's first birthday but I figure so many people will be there that he won't know and I will see him a couple of days later.

So, in between everything, I am sewing up a storm, ordering disperse dyes because I want to use them, ordering lutradur so I can play with that, ordered a couple of pieceing of clothing for me to wear to Houston and whatever else I can do. I sure sleep well at night!


Deb R said...

Wow!! Exciting news all around Liz. Yay you!!

Debra said...

Fabulous news, Liz!! (an art gallery in a Catholic school?? I see lots of rulers... ).

I'll be at AQT the same time you're there. Since my roomie this time is a newbie, I will rely upon you to let know about the parties.

Deborah Boschert said...

Great news. Congratulations.

Liz Plummer said...

Brilliant news! Have a nice time at Houston - I'm SOOOOO jealous!

Rayna said...

Very cool, Liz. And what a treat to be working with Charlotte Yde.
I look forward to hearing about it - her work is wonderful. Will we see each other in Houston??