Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday in Houston

Well, things are beging to wind down although the noise in the Hilton lobby sure doesn't seem like it! I'm waiting for a table for dinner a lone...a chance to just reflect and think about all the things that have been going on and all the people I have been meeting. What an eventful week!

The quilts are all beautiful. I am so impressed with everything here! I have a piece in Tactile Architecture and a piece in Small Wonders, which I hadn't seen since the spring when it went off to Chicago. I guess it comes home now and Holes in the Castle Wall travels for a little while.

All of the shows here are stupendous. Men of Biblical proportions...with Tristan's piece along with several other names I recognize from the list. There is a wonderful show by an Isralie woman whose work is just staggering...have to get her name down and add it to this list. The I Remember Mama show is wonderful and I got my book which has all three years in it, so it includes my piece from the first year. Katie Pasquini Mausupust's show of her work over the spread of her 30 years of quilting...really impressive. So many things!

Laswt night I went out to dinner with Lisa Chipetine, who is now on the board of directors for SAQA, and several of her friends and went to an upscale Mexican place which was, as they say in Houstonk, Mex-Mex, as opposed to Tex-Mex. That was lots of fun as I haven't seen her for two years.

Spent time down at Art for a Cause where Virginia Spiegle and her sister Nancy are covering the postcards that have been for sale. It is really impressive to see how many have sold and how much money they have made for the American Cancer Society.

Visited with Laura Cater-Woods and chatted about about how her sale of Art for a Good Cause was going...found out she had bought a piece or two of mine...

Took a class with Rayna Gilman, just so I could have a play day and had a wonderful time. Went to lunch with her one of the days.

Met up with Pamela Allen in her Presidential Suite and had wine and chatted and got to know each other in person.

Went to the Tiara Parade and had a blast...descided that mine was about as close to wearable art as I would get. I'll post a picture later.

Went out to lunch with the crowd for Chinese food after the parade.

Met Lirick Kinard, Larkin Van Horn, and tons of other people that I just know by their word and chatting on line. it is so wonderful to be able to connect faces with all these people I admire so very much!

Tomorrow we were leasurily stroll through to see what we have missed with the vendors. This place is so huge...the convention center fills at least two blocks so if you are at one end, it is a long hike to the other end. Glad we are here and can take time to rest up in the afternoon before heading back out!


PaMdora said...

Sorry you had to eat alone last night. We left early Sat. Morning so missed the tiara parade. It was fun to meet you at the Quiltart reception1

Gerrie said...

I am soooo jealous. You met all the people I want to meet. Well, I least I know you, but I am bummed that you are at AQT the second week and I am there the first.

Rayna said...

I agree, Liz, it was so great to meet everybody face-to-face. And you got to meet Pamdora - damn - I missed her!