Saturday, July 16, 2005

Large work coming soon

Can't show you any pictures yet, but thought I would tease you...

I am working on a large (60 x 55") piece. I have the background all cut and fused. I tried several different fabrics for the design part and didn't really like them.

So, out came the raw silk which I dyed. Then today I did some patterning on them, both rubbing with Shiva paint sticks on two of the four colors, and silk screening on the other two.

So am putting the fuse on the two silk screened ones and then will start laying down the design.

But, Today is my Birthday!!! I am now 58 years old and just love it. Can't work on my new piece tonight as DH and daughter, son-in-law and I are going out to see a a real theater! the newest Star Wars...can hardly wait.

See ya all soon with pics!


Deb R said...

Happy Birthday, Liz! Have fun on your double-date!!

gabrielle said...

Well shut my mouth...that is a way big piece, girlfriend...can't wawit to see it..Happy, Happy..don't you just love this 50 the way 50 is the new 40 so we get to do it again.

jenclair said...

Happy Birthday! I have loved this period of my life. When I turned 50, I took stock and decided that I want to use the time I have left (and lots of it, I hope) in a manner that pleases and fulfills me. Gradually, I have shed some of the problematic aspects of my life (work) and broadened my horizons. Viva la 50's!