Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Time to Catch Up

My goodness...I've been gone a long time!

I got the book "Inspiring Creativity" edited by Rick Benzel, in which Laura Cater Woods did a chapter in andhas on her blog and website. Started reading and the first chapter really resonated with me. Kate Quinlan describes 5 notions to resist:

Assumption: "The assumption that the cretivity of others is better than yours is false and must be resisted. In fact, the creative accomplishments of others have no reflection on your work. Discovering and exploring your creativity is not a competition. Your creative work stands alone as your creative work." I've been wallowing in this for the past several weeks...I've gotten over it now!

Intimidation: discusses the fact that others can make disparaging comments but then goes to praise, which can also be intimidating and has been a problem for me recently: "Ironically, praise can also be intimidating. Your've worked hard, all the while yearning for recognition and praise. And when the adulation arrives...whammo! Regardless of how much you wish and hope and pray for it, favorable jedgement can be daunting. With acclaim can come self-doubt about the authenticity of your work or the ability to reproduce the same quality next time."

So, you have to get the book to find out the rest. I am into chapter two which hasn't applied for me but there is lots more to read. All by creativity coaches!!

So, I Remember Mama quilt...I've posted parts of both sides of the beginning of this. It will be quilted with red-white-blue variegated thread and then embellished with various things she had such as her Red Cross pin, etc.

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