Sunday, April 17, 2005

Favorite room in the house

Oh, this is so simple!!! I can respond to this question!

of be perfect it would have a lounge chair in it (that didn't fill up with piles of freshly dyed fabrics) a potty, a huge sink for washing painting supplies (oh, yeah, and hands after the potty), a small refrigerator and a small microwave. Already have the tv and the stereo. Can sleep in the lounge chair and I won't starve to death. And of course, since I like to drink a lot of water and my diet Pepsi's I need a potty close by.

I love to be in my studio. It is my room. Sometimes I even resent my husband coming in just to say hi...because it breaks my train of thought! I can just look at piles of things and get new ideas right away! And I play the music I like to listen to. And I don't have to have the TV control in my hand...usually it's set for Sirius music so there are no computer is here, I can print out things for my quilts on to fabric, my thermofax is here, my copy machine, my ironing board, the washing machine and dryer and anything else I want except for a wet studio. And that may come!

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Gerrie said...

Our studios sound a lot alike. Mine is upstairs and the laundry is down. I do my wet stuff in the garage. Steve said he might be able to put a sink in there for me which would help a lot! My dream is to have the carpeting ripped out and to put down black and white tile and to have a red leather futon!!