Friday, August 12, 2011

A Leap of Faith

 I have been steadily working on my blue quilt.  It is 4 x 8 feet and is very heavily quilted with orange thread.  I felt that it needed more so I took some red-orange dupioni silk and fused it, creating circles.
You can see how heavily quilted this is.....

 And a couple of other circles....there are a couple of circles stitched only also in the quilting.
 I added some negative leaf shapes in the stitching and also added red-orange silk leaf shapes.
Well, I lived with it overnight and then returned today after thinking about it and I had shown it to three very good friends to get their feelings about the piece.  It needed more so I decided that I would add painted circles but I would apply the paint with a small nozzeled squeeze bottle.  It took me a while to get the red-orange color just right and then to get the mixture smooth enough and of the right consistency to evenly come out of the squeeze bottle.

And then the leap of faith...the entire quilt was finished with the quilting and now I was about to use paint to add more circles....I had to trust in my vision and just go for it and hope that all worked out just find.

They add an additional texture and continue the circle motif further around on the piece.  I like the way the paint has gone on and it should dry with a raised surface.  This is all on top of the quilting.

So tomorrow is the moment of truth when it goes back up on the design wall after the paint has completely dried and then I can step back and see if I am satisfied or not...


Ellen Lindner said...

This looks great, Liz. I love the dense quilting, the bright circles, and the COURAGE! Can't wait to see the entire thing in one photo.

BTW, I love the imperfect nature of your circles. Much more interesting that perfect ones!

Gerrie said...

I have done this in the past. I know that feeling. I can't wait to see the whole piece.

patricia said...

I'm looking forward to see it in a whole... I couldn't go on a "finished" quilt with paint, tooooo dangerous!

Jeanne Marklin said...

I'd love to meet it in person. All the texture, and then the paint on top - great color!

Wen said...

Big, blue, and beautiful. Oh, what a feeling!

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,
No guts, no glory--and you certainly now have a glorious piece!

Well done!

Linda Laird