Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three days in a row....will wonders never cease?

Well, started out the day with my artful journaling group at church and then went out to lunch with my good friend Carol.

By 1 pm I was at the studio, got the quilt pinned (with straight pins) and on to George's table.

You can see the the quilt fits nicely on the table and working with George is a dream.  There is no problem in doing a piece this size....I just have to roll it up and frankly, this piece is much easier than many of my others because it is just one layer or fabric (with seams), batting and backing. Usually I have multiple layers of fabric fused and painted fabrics which all makes the thing heavy and stiff to quilt.  But this is easy.  So started out making three circles, which I had to pick out half of one because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Then I started doing the heavy stitching 1/4" apart with sort of straight lines inside the circle.  I am doing this with orange thread.

And, just as I was really getting in to the swing of things, my husband called to say the planning department had our garage and studio plans okayed and we could pick them up.   Well, there went the studio time and off I went to pick up my husband and check book and then down to the county offices to hand out another $2000 for permits and we can actually start!  This has been in the planning for five years and it has taken us about 3.5 years to get it all through the planning department. We will be adding an oversize garage (we already have a 2 car one) so that we can park our RV in the garage.  The bonus is that over half of the space above the garage part will be my new studio.  This means, given time, I will be able to do all my work at home with ready water access and a washer and dryer in the studio (it is already in my home studio) and be able to work at night, or day, in my jammies or fully dressed in something nice.  I can pop in to add another layer of paint to something, come and go and work much more in my own rhythm...

Tomorrow is not a studio day, it is the grandson's it is off to the zoo so we can be sure to see the lions, the spiders and all the other insects....Back in studio on Saturday! My husband can start getting the bids for the foundation and garage, how fun that will be!


Benedicte said...

Good to see you back in the groove! Good luck with the studio!

Vicki W said...

I think that the George is one of the best products that APQS developed. They didn't have it when I bought my Millennium and I was lucky to have the space for a longarm, but the George is awesome. I wish I could afford both!

Cassy said...

looking forward to see the finished product. I love the color. cool for my eyes.

Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons