Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time goes by too fast

I can't believe how time races by.  I am behind in posting and have finally gotten around to uploading some photos of work I have been doing.

One of the greatest joys I have is the creation of liturgical work.  When I joined All Saints Episcopal Church in San Leandro about 9 years ago, I had no idea that my art and my spirituality would come together with such fulfillment.

This has been my spiritual home for all the past years and I have received so much support, especially from the rector, Fr. Rob Droste. He is also an artist and is very gifted in a number of ways, but most certainly in his ability to help us find our relationship with God and Jesus.  In thanksgiving, I created a six panel set about the creation.  This led to much more work, including a commission  for a wonderful alter frontal and later a chasuble, stole, and veil for the chalice. I have continued to do a great deal of work for this church, as my gift to the church.

Three and a half years ago, I was asked to be on the vocational committee to work with a good friend, John Trubina, on his journey to  becoming a deacon for the Episcopal Church.  That journey as been a very interesting one, watching John become even more committed to serving the Lord.  His graduation from the School of Deacons occurred a week ago and my gift to him was his red stole for ordination. I thought I would share this with you. As I was doing the stitching on the front, I find myself mentally chanting a mantra that serves me well "for thy glory, Lord God" and this is my prayer when ever I wam working on liturgical work.

So, first I painted a piece of silk. I was not completely happy with it as the red was wonderful but the paler areas appeared far too pink. So I over dyed the piece with two different colors of red. The painted area created a very different texture that the dyed area.  I then cut all the pieces and proceeded to do satin stitching in three different rayon threads to add more interest and texture. This photo is a part of the piece, which hangs diagonally across John's body and has the longer part of the sash going down the front and also the back. This is a special stole, made specifically for his ordination which will be in two weeks.  I am quite pleased with this.

I have a commission to create a stole in the green colors for another deacon (who is already ordained and serving our Bishop) and need to finish the chasuble for my priest at All Saints which will go with a veil and stole I have already completed.

I have also been quite busy painting fabrics which are now ready for the silkscreening part. My studio became a busy place as I painted fabric, hung it up, ran out of hanging space, ironed it, repainted it, hung it up and continue the process for four days.  It has been great fun just experimenting with different paints to see what I like the best and different colors and various ways of adding paint to fabric. And just as I was about to upload pictures I had taken, I can't find them on my computer. Ah well, those will have to wait.

But I have been doing a few pieces doing handwork. These include some of my painted fabrics plus ephemera I have collected and are stitched on to watercolor paper.  I have several more in process.

Oh well, time to get back to the studio....I have much to do, especially since open studios is coming up the first two weekends of June! 


Gerrie said...

I love the red stole!

Donna Becker said...

Creating art is prayer and worship! Beautiful work!

Martha Ginn said...

Liz, it is inspiring to read how your talent and art are being used for the glory of God. Thanks for posting about this...