Thursday, January 20, 2011

A nice week away

I have returned after spending a week up in the cabin in the Sierra foothills. The first day was cold but then the weather turned spring like. Just beautiful. I spent time creating new samples for my on line class lessons, read an entire book, had naps, thought about quilt ideas, and just generally enjoyed myself. The only complaint was that I picked up a sore throat and head cold which I am still trying to shake! oh, well...and next week it will be time in the studio...just hoping that the weather stays a little warmer longer as that studio gets so cold. When the outside temperature drops past 60, so does the temperature in the studio. Someone told me I could get fingerless gloves as WalMart so I guess I will have to venture in to find some.

But, I am going to share with you the other collages for ONE!

ONE is a 1 day sale of 100 collages created by 20 artists. You can follow the link to get all of the information. This is another Virginia Spiegle fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Many beautiful things to purchace!

Save the date! Feb. 16!

Meanwhile, I have continued with the circles in a larger format and will be posting them soon!


Anonymous said...

very nice Liz. I think you shared this with the BBs becaue they look very familiar.

j.g. johnson said...

I'm particularly drawn to the placement of the interesting.

Wen said...

cool! I am spinning, with delight! These are terrific- I like the addition of the small white circles.