Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rust and Patina

I am now showing ten of the pieces in the Rust and Patina series. I have used photographs that I have taken of a metal sculpture made out of copper which has developed a beautiful patina as the backing image. I shot a lot of pictures of parts of this sculpture several years ago as I was fascinated by it and found so many different wonderful compositions in it.

As before, these are 5 x 7" on archival paper, matted and backed by archival materials. They are each $75 and shipping is included if you are interested.

Just enjoy!

Rust and Patina #1:  SOLD

Rust and Patina #2: SOLD
Rust and Patina #3:
Rust and Patina #4:
Rust and Patina #5:
Rust and Patina #6:
Rust and Patina #7:
Rust and Patina #8:
Rust and Patina #9:
Rust and Patina #10:


Norma Schlager said...

These are lovely! Maybe this is the way to deal with rusted things since sewing through them on fabric is so problematic.

Carole said...

Liz, these are awesome!!

judy Momenzadeh said...

I love these pieces; the colors are beautiful!

Lisa Ellis said...

I love these pieces. The hidden writing is really cool. By the way, youe Sacred Threads piece is now hanging in my beach house in the master bedroom. I love it.

Beth Wheeler said...

Liz, the rust and patina pieces are amazing! The combination of images and lettering is wonderful!

wen Redmond said...

IS rust and patina 2 and 8 still available
I love your spontaneity!