Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fort Portal

A long adventure yesterday as we left Kampala, drove in our 14 seat bu (which was a taxi) crammed full of nine people plus a driver and many pounds of luggage. We ad to make the one hour drive back to the airport to retrieve two bags, one that didn't make the connection and one that got left behind.

Then waiting at the airport for another hour and then back to Kampala and finally on the way to Fort Portal. It was a beautiful drive up into the mountains, passing many interesting things.

I am on a computer at the internet cafe at the hostle we are staying at. The connection is very slow and I am having trouble with the touch on the keyboard so it is taking me a long time to type a I have to make a lot of connections.

There is so much to share but my time is very short so I just wanted everyone to know we arrived at Fort Portal safe and sound and after breakfast we will be going to Sunrise House.

Will write later and hopefully load some pictures.


Robin Niderost said...

What an adventure, not only strange, new, beautiful sights, but also an adventure in patience. So much to see when we are forced to sit and wait. I look forward to your next post and pictures. Take care. Much love & prayers to all

Rayna said...

I am following your adventure with pleasure and fascination, Liz. Can't wait to see pictures. What an amazing trip!

TALL GIRL said...

While you can't tell, I am there with you via Google Earth. There are wonderful photos of this country you are traversing to hold over until you upload your own. Hope you stay healthy and keep cool on this great adventure.