Monday, May 11, 2009

So very busy

It seems like time is just flying and I have really been busy working on a number of things, some have worked out and some are frustrating.

I have finished the second commission piece for the Juvenile Justice Center.

I have realized that I much prefer painting fabric than dyeing fabric.

I sure can't figure out why that upper part came out blue and underlined...anyway, here are four pieces of fabric I have recently painted. I just love the way I am able to control the colors and work in multiple layers, especially the ability to add white.

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about where I want to go with this and have decided that I want to do some more minimalist work like my red squares which I had done previously. I really like that type of work and have been thinking about it for some time...I know it doesn't appeal to a lot of quilters because there is not a lot of quilting, etc. But I sure enjoy it and I will have to see where it leads me.

I am now in gallery representation in Scottsdale has closed. Hard times for them. I am so sad because my work has been fairly well received in that area. Now I have to really get going on finding more gallery representation.

So the next couple of days will be getting my slide list together and creating a new CD of work to send off to the multitude of galleries I have been making a note of....can't keep putting it off.

With all my thinking I have also been considering what success means to me...I am not sure that I have come up with a pin point statement but I know that being able to make the art I want to make teaching sometimes but not too much, spending time in my studio, and selling my work are what I am currently doing and that sounds about just right.

Two years ago I was going through all sorts of angst because I knew there were so many more things that I should be doing to develop my goals and reach them. I just found that by entering as many shows as I had been that I felt I was always trying to keep up with deadlines and getting those forms filled out and work shipped off. Now I have slowed down on that for the past two years but know I need to do more in order to sell my work. Any body want to buty some art?

I have become very comfortable with my own creative process and recognize the down times are not negative times but time to regroup and fill the brain back up. I find so many things are inspirational and get me jazzed. But sometimes I just need to stick with one thing for a while and see where it will go.

I like to teach in other parts of the country. I don't like flying any more. It has become so uncomfortable and unpleasant even though I smile at all the TSA people, chat with others in line, keep my elbows in in my narrow seat, do nothing about the man next to me who spreads his legs out and takes up some of my leg room, pay too much for food at the airport and it now takes me a day to recoup after a cross country flight. I wonder if I can upgrade to business when I fly to Switzerland and France? Not just for me but for my husband also.

I am feeling my age...but that is mostly because I am carrying around way too much weight and haven't been able to make the commitment to do something about it. Compared to losing weight, stopping smoking was easy. I just stopped but with food you can't stop eating. And I really like the way food tastes...what a major mind trip.

See what happens when I am away from the blog for too long?

I will be pulling the pieces for the Galesburg show this week and shipping those off. The first two weekends of June I have open studios at my studio in Oakland, and then I have to get the last commission done for the Arts Commission by the first part of June. Right now I have been completely frustrated as I try to create the postcards for the open studios so I can get them sent out to people.

oh well, such is life. I did clean two toilets yesterday! And I had a wonderful Mother's day with my daughter and her family. My husband brought me a nioce vase of very fragrant roses from our yard and they sit on my desk and remind me of the beauty and wonderful smells that are so nice. My daughter and family came over and helped fix my sprinkler system, helped week my front yard which is all flower bed and then helped me get the rest of the 48 4" pots of new plants planted...I had started the evening before but it sure kills my knees. Then to their house later for lobster on the barbeque along with roasted potatoes and fresh asparagras. When a treat!

JUNE 6 AND 7 AND 13 AND 14
11:00 AM UNTIL 6:00 PM


Deb Lacativa said...

That third piece down is a real peach. Thanks for sharing.

I go through phases myself about the dye vs. paint thing and found myself wanting to work both at once.

Mandi said...

I despise flying, too. I don't do a lot of things because of it, though I am going to SDA in Kansas City in a few weeks. I found that upgrading to business class makes it worth doing. Its soooo much better! But I use miles, I don't pay for it. Years ago we got a cc with miles on American. I put lots of stuff on that card just to get the miles. It's really worked for me so I can take a trip once or twice a year business class (DH also gets some miles flying for work, so there's enough for me).

Michele/TextileTraveler said...

I really love your fabric pieces. It sounds like you're in one of those weird transitional states we all go through. It's hard to see it when you're in the middle of it, but for me anyway, good things usually follow. I completely empathize about the weight issue! I was 100 lbs. overweight for years, then got really sick and lost it in about 6 months. Surprisingly, I don't feel as good as I always imagined I would if I were thinner; in fact, I don't feel much different. Strange, but there it is :-)

Judy said...

Hi! Liz,

Sorry to hear you have lost your outlet in Scottsdale, wish you good luck getting others to replace it. There are times as you say when things so that you rethink which direction is right for you, and I'm sure you will find it. Your Mother's Day sounds wonderful.

Vicki said...

I found your blog from a link on Beadlust - I love these painted fabrics - I like the subtlety, the colors and tones look like natural dyes.

I love that you are considering following what you enjoy. Go for it!