Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quilting with Aliens

While I was in Florida, I met a delightful young woman who was fairly new to quilting and wanted to get in to doing art quilting. She came to New Smyrna Beach that Saturday to take my one day Better Art by Design class. She was there for the weekend and several of us went out together a couple of times. Lisa-Marie Sanders was an absolute delight.

But, more interestingly, she has written a little book about "Quilting with Aliens", those who are quilters who speak a different language. Her entry into the quilting world was through her mother-in-law who has become her best friend. This is a delightful book and, since its price is very reasonable, I suggest you order one for yourself and enjoy some good laughs at our quilting world. And then order a couple more so that you have them on hand to give away to another quilter for their birthday or use as a hostess gift.

You can order this book through her website You can also read an excerpt from the book at the website.

Enjoy this treat!


Inga said...

I agree! It's such a great book. Fabulous idea about a hostess gift! Thanks.

jane dávila said...

I just ordered a couple - thanks for the hot tip!


Judy said...


Just ordered my copy cant wait for it to arrive.