Thursday, November 06, 2008

Better Art by Design Class in Person

My poor students. They have been working so hard for the past three days and finally things slow down a little bit so they can begin doing some bigger pieces of work more or less on their own with guidance as they desire. It has been a busy three days with lots of little exercises to do, ideas to learn and colors to try out. We are absolutely enjoying our stay at the Greenville Arms Inn in Greenville, New York. During the summer they have painting workshops and during the cooler spring, fall and winter they have fiber workshops since we are in doors. A great place to study.

Above are Susan and Suzanne working hard on one of their exercises. In the next picture you see Susan, Suzanne and Susan all working together, hard on their color exercises on Tuesday. They were still smiling then.

Above are Shirley on the left and Alison on the right. In the next picture is Moira from Australia on the left and Sheila on the right.

Above is Melinda, working away with her glue stick. The next picture shows Melinda and Mary hard at work with their color exercises.

Alice is trying to find the just right color.

these images are of 8 x 10 exercises done on Wednesday afternoon and evening. They have not been quilted yet, although the one on the right has been started.

More images of 8 x 10 exercises.. some appear larger because I had to take them by themselves so the images are larger but the work isn't.

And some more...

and some more....

And some more....

And the last two of these 8 x 10s.

Each student did two 8 x 10's yesterday afternoon. It was really a lot of fun to see what everyone did. There are some big growth spurts for some of the students. One student has only been quilting for a year and is off and ready to fly. What fun for a teacher!

They have all be filling up their sketchbooks with notes and their many exercises along with the class lessons. I will get some pictures of those to show you.

I am so proud of these ten women who have committed to working very hard and being open to change. What a delightful group of women to work with! They all have a great sense of humor and put up with me very well!


Gerrie said...

Lucky women. Hope they get as much from this as I did. There is some nice student work.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Wonderful work. Congratulations to your students. Wish I was with Moira from Australia. Hope to take an online class next year. Thanks for sharing the journey.
Shirley in Oz

Iris said...

Hi Liz! So close and yet so far. I'm just back from Houston and still in Manhattan, but heading to the mountains tonight for the weekend --- near where the Woodstock Festival actually happened. In my fantasy, I was thinking I would come and surprise you but I don't think that will happen. :( The student work on your blog is wonderful!! Great compositions, great colors! The work clearly shows it was an empowering class with enthusiastic and talented students. Oh I wish I were there!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Wonderful looking class, Liz! Found your blog while looking for hand dyed fabrics. I really want more solid hand dyed fabric than the "batik" look. do you also have fabric for sale? Thanks! Love your quilts! Pam in Chico