Monday, October 13, 2008

The Studio, Almost There

Last weekend my husband, son-in-law, David, and Spider Man helped create the shelving unit.

Then, during the week my husband came back and finished it up. This is a very primitive unit but is 24" deep and 16' long. They have been created to hold bins of fabric.

This area is the new part that I have just acquired. It is 20 feet deep and ten feet across. Below you can see one of the tables I have put just across from the shelves. There is also a six foot bookcase along the same wall back in the back.
To the right of the table, which I am using for paper arts and am currently working on altering a book, is the industrial strength shelving unit that I have moved around and it holds bins of dyes, paints, all the stuff I use with them and assorted silkscreening stuff. The book case in the back holds books for ephemera, old type sets, some art books that have worked their way down to the studio, and assorted other stuff but it is only 1/3 filled at this point. Against the back end of this space is some stacked lumber, etc that I need to get out of there so I can hang art work on the wall.

Below is back to the main part of the studio with California Dreaming 3 hanging on the design wall and a table in front piled high with batiks that are already fused. They are there because I am currently working on more of the Color Blocks.
Below is a color block that I was working on today but when I got everything fused and hung up to look at for a while, I have decided that I am not happy with it but may be able to salvage part of it by cropping.
This is just the start of the piece. I work standing up, either at the design wall for big things or on my 4x8' table that is counter height. This is a great table and I have made a 2x4 ironing board that sits on the end of the table or can be taken off to get it out of the way for painting fabrics. I also have a large cutting mat that covers half of the table.

What you don't see is where George sits in his table. As you can also see, the place is not very exciting and I have to get it "decorated" with my work in the next two days so the space is presentable for the tour coming on Friday from PIQF.

I did take a little time off this weekend to care for the grandsons for a little bit while their parents went shopping. Ashton is becoming my drum player...we play my drum together. He is the only one allowed to use a stick on the drum as he can't strike it strong enough to make a problem but he also can't hit it hard enough with his hand to make a good sound.
He is very serious about what he is doing and will play with me for half an hour. Sometimes he stands at the drum but he only reaches three inches over the top but he will flail away at it.

Tomorrow I meet with the Alameda County Arts Commission to discuss my proposal for art work for the Juvenile Justice Center. I got through the first round and there are 22 artists going in for presentations during the next three days for the Juvenile Center and then another 11 are going in for another project. Two weeks ago I took in my written proposal and tomorrow I will take in work to show. Then I have to wait several weeks to see if I can any commissions. In my category, mid-career artist, they have commissions up to $8000 but all the work must be smaller than 50 inches so I have presented several plans. Wish me well!


Vicki W said...

I need that shelving in my studio - could Spiderman come and help me?

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Thank you so much for those pictures of your studio - just what I needed to get a clearer picture (he-he). It looks great!

Ps. Cute drummer............

Anonymous said...

Mom- I love the pictures of the boys (all three of mine).

Anonymous said...

Wish I could come to your studio and see an artist in action. More pics please. :) And a note to anonymous, all your boys are really cute. But wheres Grammies roommate in doing all those chores?
Good luck with the tour.

Doreen K. said...

Hi Liz, Wow your studio is coming along nicely. Would love to have those shelves. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you, with the arts commission. The colors in California Dreaming are gorgeous.