Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm in San Antonio

Well, my dad and I arrived in San Antonio on Tuesday night so that we could be here for the evacuation of hurricane Ike...not really but that seems to be what is happening. We can here so my dad could attend a ship's reunion and he needs me in order to travel. Also, because this is our home town we could see lots of family.

On Wed. we went out to the cemetery to check my mom's spot and be sure the spot is still there for my dad (not really but it sounds good) It was hard to watch my dad at my mom's head stone as he has missed her greatly for the past 8 years, as have I but then he saw her all the time.

We've been seeing family all around town and have connected with a cousin we couldn't find, the daughter of one of dad's we have found a whole new section of living relatives! What fun!
I have been doing genealogy for over 30 years and with the advent of the computer it is so much easier to do and much faster. But one really has to be careful of what one accepts as truth as so many people don't do their own research but rely on something someone else wrote down. I like to have all those sources in my hand!

Tomorrow he takes off on a bus trip for the day and I get to wander around San Antonio by myself to take pictures. We are down on the south side of town and just south of us things get pretty run down but that means there are some great pictures to take!

Well, my on line class, Better Art by Design, starts on Friday, Sept 19.
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See ya!

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Kim said...

Hi Liz!

I really loved meeting you and your dad. I feel blessed by the family that I have and now the extension of our family!

I love your work, very beautiful!

Kim (Cindy's daughter) :)