Friday, May 30, 2008

Back in the Groove, Finally

I am almost done with this stupid bronchitis.....took all the antibiotics, and then broke out into some sort of strange rash with all-over body itching that drove me crazy. So then I was on Benedryl which put me to sleep...finally I am no longer itching, no longer sleeping most of the day and almost not coughing.

I even spent the day, for the first time in three weeks, down at the studio working. And then came home and worked some more. The only thing that has kept my sane was working on collages.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the opening night of the show at the Adobe Art Center. Below are three of the larger pieces I have just done.

A small group, one of which sold that night.
A couple of Marion's pieces:
some more of mine....they are mounted on unprimed stretched canvas:
Marion and me...
another one of Marion's
and another one:
and two more of mine:
and two more:
and the smaller ones:
and California Dreaming:
My daughter and Jacob:
people chatting:
More people chatting:
some of Sue's work:
I went home half an hour before the reception ended as I was just really sick.

Tomorrow I will finally get to do some machine quilting demonstrations as artist-in-residence at a local gallery for a couple of hours. I was supposed to do it each Saturday this past month but have been way too sick to do so....

well, onward and upward! I have work to do!


Rayna said...

Liz, gorgeous work - I love those colorful big ones! The whole show is beautiful.

BUT - you'd better find out which antibiotic you are allergic to: that rash and itch is a warning you need to take seriously. The first time I had a rash like that it was ampicillin and the doctor told me I could never take any penicillin-class drug again. Now I am allergic to two other classes of antibiotics. Don't take a chance! PLEASE.

Gerrie said...

I love, love California Dreaming - well, you know that - I'm sure I have told you before. I got my collage today and I love it. I have to buy some frames for my 3 new pieces of art.

I am so glad that you are healthy and busy and happy, again. Be mindful of what Rayna said, I am allergic to sulfa drugs and it is not funny when your throat starts closing up. The first time it was just a rash.

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, I so wish I could be there to see the show. Thank you for all the pictures, keep them coming. It's the only way I see anything art quilted in gallery form. There isn't anything in this area like it. There are two art studio places not too far away but they never do anything like this. Their idea of art mediums are clay, canvas, paper, and sculpture. If you ad fabric it's considered a ..choke, gasp..craft project. If they could see your work and Marions maybe they would change their minds.
And please, please, mind what your body is telling you. You;ll be surprised at how fast you heal if you take some time off. Keep working and it just drags on. Trust me, been there, done that, and won't do it again. Grab a good book, a good tea with a gob of honey in it, and a shot of rum if your a little on the wild side, and go sit down.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Glad you're better. Your work looks good. I really like the new collages.
Liz H

Anonymous said...

Liz, glad you're getting better!! I sure wish I had been at the reception - all the work looks great! And it looked like there was a good turn out. Look forward seeing the show 'live' when I get home. Take care & keep up the awesome work!! Robin