Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day on the Computer

the joys of trying to be a professional artist....
spent most of today getting images resized for uploading onto the Call for Entry site which our county uses for their public art calls for entry. What a pain in the I have found all sorts of things that I need to photograph (most of my newer work) and then get it uploaded.
And of course, to put it all on my website, things have to be resized again that that spot.

Did get the edges done on one of my new Color Block pieces..I now have three that are larger and am working for more.

I have a three person show coming up May 23 to June 25, 2008 at the Adobe Art Center in Castro Valley where I live. I'm working to get stuff done for that show.

Then the local arts groups asked me to be the artist in residence for three Saturdays in there for two hours at the gallery and talk or whatever. I have decided that I want to do demonstrations and activities that children can also do and take home with them. All with little space to do it...can't decide if I want to do printing with found objects or making little postcards, or what...I have a couple of weeks to figure that out.

Got a call today from Macuso Brothers about adding me to the PIQF studio tour which they have during the show in October in Santa Clara...not too far from here. I said ok but would really prefer that they came to my Oakland studio as I couldn't get 30 people into my studio at home...and then, as we were talking, I was offered a one-woman show at the PIQF show in 2009!

2009 is going to be a busy year! I will have a 2 person show at the Galesburg Civic Art Center from Oct 9-Nov 7, 2009 and at the same time will have the show with PIQF which will be Oct 15-18. I want to fly back to Illinois for the Galesburg opening and to take my work...and then fly back to do the PIQF am getting busy! What fun!

I really like the collection I have going of the Color Block pieces! I feel they are all clear, good designs with great color and I love doing the sketchy stitching around the shapes.

My new class on line starts on May 12 so I have to start doing the publicity for that...

Publicity Alert!

Enroll now for the next on line class of Better Art by Design which begins May 12. Payment of $225 can be made by credit card or Pay Pal using Pay Pal on my website. Join us for hard work, great art and an experience in creating abstract art.

So, how is that!?

Also it is just a a week and a half before I head down to Cambria....I only have next week to get so much done on my art....gotta keep running!


Cathy in gorgeous Sonoma County said...

Much congratulations for the Mancuso gigs. I'm working on a piece conceived in one of your classes (gasp!) I've been busy. I entered a piece in Breaking Traditions and one for My Favorite Thing (both online challenges to travel). Neither one is abstract. I have a show of my acrylic art in the Sebastopol artist workshop show this weekend and I snuck in a fiberart pieceI'm going to try to get to your studio for the tour. Will you make it to SAQA on May 5? Best to you. I'll be in touch when I've finished this piece.

Gerrie said...

You go girl!! Just remember, I prophesied your fame many years ago! :-)

Karen said...

You rock Liz. Congratulations on the Mancuso show, what a great opportunity for you!

mad elena said...

I've been a fan since I started quilting almost a year ago. Caught you at the EBHQ demo and you were simply as wonderful as I thought you'd be.
Look forward to seeing more of your work at the Adobe Art Center and at PIQF. Congrats on both!