Friday, March 28, 2008

The Rest of the New Work

Well, it just took me a week to get the rest of the new work up on this blog! I have been in Cape Cod since Monday, working with a lovely group of women. Their guild, Bayberry Quilters splits into two meetings, one in the evening which I did on Tuesday night and one in the morning which was on Wed. morning. Then we spent two days doing my design and composition workshop. We finished today and now I am packing to leave tomorrow morning....I will post their pictures of their work tomorrow...

Each of these fabric collages are 6 x 8 inches...and what is left of them sells for $75.

And Bayberry Quilters working on the orange valuesand another group working on the green gradations

and doing their work exercisesand trying to find the right color in the pile:

and creating the blue gradations:and working on the red gradations

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