Saturday, September 08, 2007

Silly Goose that I am

Sometimes I think I get carried away with my own little claim to fame. It isn't much but the ego is right out there!

I have already completed 42 art pieces this year plus 15 collages. I have sold a number of pieces, including one collage recently and another larger quilt. I have completed a large commission, I have been an artist-in-residence for a month, I have written a couple of articles which haven't come out yet and I am feeling sorry for myself. What a crock!

What has been holding me back was not wanting to get the images together and all the other stuff for proposals to museums and galleries.

Well, I have gotten it done and I have even made a beautiful label (that still needs some editing) to go on the CD's so they look professional, if I do say so myself.

My CV is updated, my artist statement is fine and now I just need to make the image list with info and sizes and retail prices. And then the cover letter.

So I am now off my pity pot and getting myself going.

I finally responded to someone I am mentoring...that is so much fun! I am packed with passport in purse ready to leave for an adventure in Canada tomorrow, I have been playing with my paper collages, I have been doing pages in my journal, I have been looking at other people's great work, I have been identifying why I like their work, I am looking forward to Canada, I am looking forward to being home for a couple of days and packing up some studio to head down to Asilomar in Pacific Grove for a week on the beach, I have been removing pages from all of these sample books and thinking of things to do with them...

So just what is your problem? Girl?

Get over myself! That's what! It's okay if I have some down time. I am steadily working away on my goals and I don't have to make perfect art every time I do something. Haven't you heard me say this before?

But I did get two more show entries in today and postcards mailed for a couple of shows where I have a piece of work in them.

So, I'll have pictures to post when I get back!

After I have some fun!


Tomme said...

So the Goose goes to Canada in the (almost) fall. Seems backwards somehow. (heh heh) Have fun and then fly back home to make more fabulous art!

Anonymous said...

As I said, Just be happy! You have so much to be happy about. What a great body of work. And what happened with the commission. Will we ever see it in its new home?