Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SAQA auction and still working

Well, first things first. Tomorrow, August 1 (since I am writing this at night on July 31) the SAQA on-line auction finally gets to pages 5 and 6. My piece is on page 6.
The bidding starts at 2pm EST at $750 and then drops down $100 each day until it is sold at a last chance of $50. So now we will see how much it brings in.

Spent today down at the studio and got to this place in California Dreaming 3 and decided to stop for a while. Well, that didn't last very long.
I finally stopped when I reached this point:
Oh, this piece is about 7 feet across and 5 feet down.
The difference is the white silk screening of birds on power lines, letters, postcards, etc. Following are three close ups so you can see more detail.
This shows the red power poles that march across California (only they aren't red) that I screened on. The round circles and grids on the blue are discharged fabric.
Weeds abound all along the bottom and right side which are made with silk screens that I did using weeds that I went hunting for out some back road.

And here you can see more of the every present palm trees along with the brush circles in pale gold that go across the entire piece.

Then I took out pages of two wallpaper sample books which have mostly country stuff but I am "antiquing" a blue and white page to use as a background in a collage. There are also some pages with "sponge" painting techniques so I can use those as backgrounds. But lots of border prints with chickens, roosters, baskets with flowers, etc...now that will be a challenge to use! I am already coming up with some ideas for weird collages using them...we shall see.

Left the studio and stopped by the edge of the bay and hunted for beach glass. Found a small container's worth...I am collecting for assemblages and collages...I am really going overboard on this collecting.

It has been interesting to reflect on what is happening with the Quilt Art List. There was quite a discussion some time about about how people shouldn't post about getting into shows, winning awards, etc because there were a lot of people who weren't getting in. No more happy dances, no more sharing. What I liked about that was that people usually gave a link to see their accepted work which was fun to look at. Now, we don't see very much of that, nor do we share what is happening in our show life. A few people, now and then, are posting but most of those seem to be newer people. Then we have talked copy right to death. But lately, the talk has been about knitting, mobile home versus trailer versus manufactured modular homes, the new Harry Potter book,cats, cleaning out stashes, cleaning studios, etc. Give me a break. I hardly look at many of the things sent in any more. It is really sad because I felt like it was a community. I mentioned that I had completed 30 pieces of a new series and I got only one response. Oh well. And, while I am complaining, the list is full of people who all have the answers, whether they know the question or not. Instead of stating that "in my opinion" or, "I have found" statements get made that this is the way it is and then someone else is quick to respond that that is not so. Oh my....and the attitudes that rant on and on about something...get a life!

Oh well, I am off to our SAQA regional meeting tomorrow in Petaluma...now that will be fun! And, I will see some great art!


Anonymous said...

I recently joined the SAQA yahoo list and am thinking of quitting QA. What a drag it has become. I am thinking it is because it is summer and some of the annoying posters have more time on their hands. I don't know, but it is not very inspirational. I might wait it out until I get through the last journal quilt for Houston.

I am going to say it again - I love, love the CA series. Any word on the commission. Will we get to see it in its new home?

liz said...

Liz, I've been a lurker on quiltart for years. I've only posted a comment once. I enjoy it at times. Lately it has been boring mostly I delete it. I spent my limited computer time on blogs like yours and fibermania. So thank you for blogging and giving us a small taste of the life of a studio quilt artist!

Anonymous said...

I really like this piece. I think its all the blue. Very calming. When you use the stamp are you using any type of special paint?

Awhile ago I asked about the QA list and I did go and check it out. As a new person excited about a place where I can go to learn things from the art world it was a shock to find the disscussions I did. When does the motorhome/hotel, dog/cat, my way or the highway ideals fit into this? Very disappointing. I never did go back.

So I come and visit Liz and Gerries blogs and others to find some interesting topics and beautiful works in the making. This is where I can find some truly amazing inspiration. Keep up the great work.

Lisa Walton said...

I absolutely agree with your Quiltart comments. My delete button has been working overtime. I am always looking for links to blogs or websites to see other work. Such an inspiration - especially yours.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of us are mostly following favourit blogs now. I would miss comments from you, Gerrie and few others thought, slows down my delete finger. Really like the California dreaming series, wonderful colour.
Bev, Peterborough, On

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz! Lovely work! :) I've totally given up on the QuiltArt list. I haven't read it for a couple of months. I'd rather frequent blogs.

Melissa said...

The CA Dreaming3 is insteresting in perspective. My dad was a lineman, so I always perk up where electrical things are the subject matter :-) My nephew also took a summer job one season working in the hills in Humbolt county clearing the weeds from the poles. He had some stories to tell (about the "locals" he would run into while doing his job).

I have lurked on QA for years, pipe up occassionally when I am either interested or ticked enough. Like Gerrie, I am holding off until after the JQs are through, and then decide if I am going to keep hanging on. There is good information beyond the cat posts :-) Mostly, I have been reading more blogs than anything else. I am on a knitting list, that has become as ridiculous. I am not sure what is in the air.

dee said...

I have lurked for some time and your work is so impressive. I like the tone of your "chat" as well. It reminds me of my friends Gerrie and Melody and is often full of creative advice and explanation. Funny thing..I loved going on the QA list to find new and fascinating things to see(that's how I found you a long while back)but, in the pat, I never felt I was enough of an artist to ask to join. Now I see all manner of styles including many that have less to do with art than my quilting. Strange turn of events eh? Anyway, thanks for letting us get a look at how you work and the wonderful work that you do. It's a gift.

Judy said...

Love your work!
Agree totally about the QA list. I used to love to see peoples' links to their works and to read about their successes. There is enough of the nagging chitchat in real life, I don't need to read it on my lists too!