Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off the Frame

Yesterday I finally finished the quilting on the commission. Thank goodness! It was 100 degrees out in Livermore and I was in Cheryl's garage with two fans going at earlier in the afternoon it was only 84 but then it crept up to 90.5 degrees. That was hot. I was drinking a lot of fluids but not much pee came all came out in sweat! Details you really didn't want to know!

Anyway, here it is coming off the can see some of the quilting.

It was amazing, I just kept the rollers running in reverse and I thought it would never end!

And even in this shot there are still lots more feet rolled up on the frame! Finally got it off, folded up and it is in my trunk waiting to go to the studio for sizing, pressing, foiling and then facing. I am figuring out just what is going to be needed to hang this thing! It will take a metal rod in order to hold it up!

I should have posted this all last night but I was too tired and then when the energy started coming back I was busy sizing images for my website for the Life Circles. The postcards came yesterday and they look wonderful! I still have to work on the mailing list today but should be able to start getting them out. I will finish the images today, upload them with all the details and go live!

I feel like I am birthing two pretty big babies!


Vicki W said...

Thank goodness for access to a longarm! It's looking spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Am heading to your website now. can't wait to see the life circles series. And the commission is proving to be wonderful. Aren't you even a little nervous about the foiling procedure on something that big? It's going to be amazing when it's done. What's next? Is that question allowed yet? :)

Juanita Yeager said...

I did a commission that was 12 feet long by 5 feet wide for the new lobby of a hospital a couple of years ago and the quilt, required a metal electrical conduit pipe that was about an inch in diameter. The same pipe was used in the bottom sleeve and in two other sleeves on the back so the piece would not move with air current. Good thing it was being hung while the building contractors were still on site with their lifter. Men in hard hats are great.

Anonymous said...

You might check out the Quilter's Husband website for their metal quilt hangers. It is what I used for my commission. I put a bottom sleeve in with a metal rod for a weight. Are you going to drive this to it's location? Because shipping something like this is a bear!!

jane dávila said...

The commission quilt is beautiful (and enormous!) and I love the Life Circles series. Very powerful use of color and form.