Sunday, March 18, 2007

Introducing: Fabric by Jacob

As you know, I like to paint and dye my own fabrics. Well, on Saturday I was down at my studio. My daughter called and suggested, since they were out, that they stop by and bring sandwiches for lunch! What a nice daughter!

Well, I was just getting ready to start painting some orange fabric when who should appear by my grandson, Jacob, now 2 1/2 years old. So on went an oversized apron (I need to get him one that fits), up came the chair and in his hand his painting utensil, one of the best I have found!
So, here he is ready to go!

After waiting patiently for Grammy to get the paint mixed, he is ready to go and boy does he go! This is better than anything. Most grandmothers give you some crayons and a few sheets of paper...not this one! It's a 60 x 40" piece of wet, white fabric and bright orange paint! What could be better!

You can see that he has really gotten in to this. I do hope you appreciate the artistry of his work.

As you can see, we move him around the table so he can get to virgin fabric to add his personal touch to.

Well, I couldn't resist so I was in there helping him also. We managed to get five large pieces finished while his mother took 100 pictures! Oh well, have to document all of these things but I didn't want to put you through that!

As you can see I am making good use of my studio. After they left, I did a couple more pieces of fabric, still in various shades of orange. I left them to dry on the drop cloth on the floor, somewhat bunched up to let the paint do its thing. Then I will come in and do some other stuff to it.

I'm waiting while Textures Gallery works on the finances of my commission and gets the contract and some money. I have already talked to my APQS lady about a just waiting.

But meanwhile I still need to quilt 18 more large pieces! Oh, don't remind me!


Anonymous said...

What fun! Jacob is obviously totally engaged in the process!

Lisa Flowers Ross said...

Yes, what fun! What paint did you use?

Anonymous said...

He's a natural. :)

Rayna said...

That kid is just too cute! I love using that sponge thingie for surface design,too. I would never think of using it for dishes!

Hey! See you soon!

SeamRippstress said...

Oh what we can all learn from Jacob's fearless play! What a fabulous Grams he has to play with.

Amanda May said...

I just came upon our blog. You remind me of my grandmother when I was little - no boring "safe" art projects for us - we made monoprints and sawed silver! It looks like your grandson had as much fun as I remember having!! What a wonderful studio you have and what beautiful pieces you ceate!