Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busier than ever

My time sure seems to be flying right past me. This past week seems to have been so chopped up with all sorts of commitments. I am working out a routine which seems to be doing pretty well for me. Once up, I take care of all the computer stuff, have breakfast, shower and dress, do all the art business and personal business stuff and then pack up for the studio. It is really nice to work there and when I go, I work on specific things rather than standing around wondering what I should do...I have a plan when I leave the house. I have been putting in about five hours a day down there and I feel like I am making some progress!

I have a treat for you...The Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center (the courts, offices and lock down facility) has been completely rebuilt. Last year there was a calling for artists to submit for the %for arts program. I didn't submit because I just felt that my work would not really fit in to what should be there. But my good friend, Marion Coleman (remember this name...she is getting very well known, and justifiably so) was commissione to do four pieces for the public spaces. Yesterday was the reception for the artists and open to the public so I had a good time looking around. I am so glad that I will not be working there and haven't been in that field for over six years now. But the facilities do look good and the art around the building is tremendous and very representative of the kids who flow through the system. So, I took some pictures of Marion and her four works that are there...

Marion Coleman with her Mexican dancer

Skate board buddies


high flying bicycles
Of course, these are not the official titles...I don't know what there are but there are just wonderful!

And this picture below is the one of my daughter's family which somehow got missed in my last post.

Then in the middle of this past week I got so tired of doing those large quilts that I took a day or two off and did some painting on fabrics...had a grand time with all the space and no backache!

Then Friday I spent the day framing all of my smaller pieces that I had done in Texas. The 12 x 12's are mounted on 1/4" foamcore which is inserted under the piece and then mounted on matt board and then framed with plexi. The finished size is now over 20 x 20" and really looks sharp since the are set way back in the frame. Below you can see the pile of larger ones that are done and three of the smaller ones which are 10 x 10 mounted in the same way but finished into a 14 x 14" shadow box metal frame. They too look pretty sharp.

Four of the larger pieces are going to the Textures Gallery and Studio at the Art Space in Scottsdale so hope they do well there.

If you are in the Minden, Nevada area, stop by Artisan's International Gallery to see a lot of my work which is being featured with a Reno metal sculpture. Should be fun! I am going to send the smaller frames pieces to her tomorrow.

I have been booked to teach at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops for 2008...put it on your calendar! They have been doing art workshops for years and have just started quilt classes. Kim, the owner, is a quilter who is a member of the California Fiber Artists, of which I am also a member. Anyway I am set to teach there in Greenville, New York from November 2 to 8, 2008.

I have also been contacted about doing some private classes so am setting one up for my standard fee and will teach 8 students down at the studio. They was to take the Introduction to Surface Design class so this will be fun...and I don't have to schlep everything around!

Several other irons are in the fire...just need to keep on working and working some more! Just not enough time to do all that I want. I will be so glad when I get these twenty pieces completely finished and off to the photographer's...right now I only have three finished. I think I need to stop working in the studio and sit down at the sewing machine and get those babies cranked out...oh well, maybe tomorrow!


English Rose said...

you are doing so well Liz, getting straight into a routine with the new studio like that. the finished pieces look fabulous in their frames, I am sure they will sell very well. have bought some black fabric to have a go with the discharge technique, its all washed and ready to go, just need to find some anti chlor, which is not proving so easy in kuwait, where I live. but MIL is visiting next week and she has been dispatched to find some and bring it out with her.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing Marion's work. I am sure it looks beautiful in there and is very inspiring.

I hardly ever go to Walmart, but needed some supplies when I was in the desert so ended up at Wallyworld. I had to buy some of their black fabric and am ready to give it a go with discharging. I love it when you are up to your neck in work and so happy. I can see that the studio is working well for you.

Frances said...

thanks for showing Marion Coleman's quilts they are beautiful, you sound like you are in your element Liz, I am so pleased everything is going so well long may it keep up,

PaMdora said...

THese are beautiful Liz! and I loved seeing your studio pix.