Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mixed Media Work

These are the pieces of mixed media that I did at my dad's house.
I worked on these usually in pairs as I needed to let each layer completely dry before I did the next one. It was low stress and yet I felt like I was accomplishing something.This piece is No Entry as the door has a heave grill in front of it...really looks like a jail cell.

This is actually the first door...simply called Door.

And this is Painted Door.

The doors, which have been transferred from inkjet images of my own photographs.

Somehow my fences creep back in to almost all of my work. These two pieces were the first that I did, about the second week while I was at my dad's. Sorry about the glare...these are all acrylic, papers, and image transfers from my own photographs.


Gerrie said...

Great work. You know I love your fences! I am very much liking the door series.

Jen said...

I like the new series, the layering makes the pieces look intersting and complex.
So glad you got things squared away with your dad and that you have quality time to work now. Jen

cfent said...

wonderful work... such rich depth...