Monday, August 07, 2006

Information Please

Craig's List is a listing by regions, states, countries, of all sorts of things for sale or the passing of information. If you go to the groups part, you will see artists and there are interesting things listed there.

I like to use Misty Fuse for my fusing. You can order it directly from Esterita Austin or get it in many quilt shops.

In order to use Misty Fuse, which does not come with a backing paper, you will need teflon sheets for fusing. You can get it by the yard, either 18" wide or 36" wide. I have 3 yards of the 36" and 3 yards of the 18", each cut into two pieces. That is available from Valeria Hearder.

For more information on the arts part of art, a good book is Nita Leland's newly updated The New Creative Artist.. Her Color Book is also excellent.

That's all my information for the day.


Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh! I have just spent the afternoon with you and loved following your creative journey via your gallery. I recently retired from 20 years of creating custom acrylic canvases and faux finishing walls and started teaching "art quilting" at a local store. 30 years of quilting... traditional to abstract, and I'm loving my new life!! Thanks for the afternoon! Betty

Karoda said...

I used Misty Fuse for the first time this week it will become my new standard for fusing. I only had a small piece that comes in the package but I'll be getting it by the yard from here on out.