Monday, December 05, 2005

Work Coming Home

I had three pieces returned from the Grant's Pass Museum of Art show The Fibers of Your Life. Two of the pieces had to be immediately shipped off for the Art and Soul of Quilting so they made it home just in time! In fact, I was on my way out the door to go ahead and ship off a big piece to Art and Soul when the UPS guy pulled up with the other quilts that needed to go out.

When I opened the box from Grants Pass, there was some paperwork rolled up next to the was a poster that they had used in all of their advertising and one of my pieces was prominantly displayed. They also sent a CD of the show which was very nice to see. Almost as good as being there! They do a really nice job of displaying stuff...this is the second time I have had work there in shows and I have been impressed with how they do it each time.

Will have more of the new pieces up tomorrow...then off they go to the photographer's!


Elle said...

Congrats on your pieces being accepted into Art & Soul and how nice of the Grant Pass exhibit to include all those goodies!

Anonymous said...

I actually did look at this work and then the work on your website.

I like the use of color in these better than the pieces under your what's new section. I like the positioning of the images; it comes closer to a thoughtful respite for the viewer.