Sunday, November 20, 2005

A few pictures from Art Quilt Tahoe

Sunrise out of our window

Carol Suto, my room mate buried in pillows

out the huge window in the lobby of the resort


frost and spider web with frost on my truck mirrow.

I am including some pictures from Art Quilt Tahoe...none of my work...that will start getting finished tomorrow.

Tomorrow...I can hardly wait...I actually have a few hours of my own time! Ever since I got home that has not happened, plus I have been suffering from this darn cold and now I am starting to feel better. Sandwiched three pieces (one from Rayna's class and two from Charlotte Yde's class) so that I can get started on the quilting part and see what it really looks like!


Sonji Hunt said...

What an absolutely heavenly environment. How could a person not be inspired? How could you leave?

Debra said...

How did I miss that sunset??

And will you help me in campaigning for Judy to bring Rayna to AQT??

Frances said...

this place gets better and better, now I really must save if Rayna will be teaching,

thanks for the photos,

Elle said...

Beautiful photos. Carol's on the bed is hilarious.