Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two Weeks of Activity

I have been really busy for the past two weeks. I've been working on getting my postcards done for the 2007 round of exchanges with my Art2Mail group. I finally have more than enough so thought I would share some of those...I've been working on the background fabrics for sometime but have also combined my fabrics with some of Sherril Kahn's fabrics.

I have also started using some of my upholstery fabric from my huge sample stash...last posting I showed you some of the collages I have done with them. I love the texture they have.
On Jan 2 we went up to our cabin in the Sierra. It is at about 3700 feet and we knew that several big storms were coming in which is the main reason our son-in-law, Dave, wanted to go. The first two days were really nice and my husband did a lot of burning of pine needles and downed branches in our constant effort to reduce the fire load.

I tried to get work done on my lessons for my class which starts up on Jan 21. However, when the snows started it was really hard to work since Jacob was inside a lot and likes to go full tilt and at full volume most of the time. So he was put to work cleaning snow off his father's truck!
I took lots of pictures throughout the six days we were there. This is a picture of manzanita branches covered in snow.
I love the beautiful red of the tree as the bark starts to peel off. And with the white snow, it just doesn't get any better than this!
And looking off in to the distance from the cabin.
and more branches in snow
Up close and personal branch
A California girl's concession to the snow...fuzzy lined red crocks (with warm socks)
And snow depth measure #1 after the first snow
And snow depth measure #2 after the third day of snow...with one day in between with sun so the snow melted and crashed down on top of us from the tree branches above.
Well, I am making great progress on the lessons for the online class. Finally, once I got home and was able to work in my own space. I think I will take a few hours off tomorrow and go down to the studio and work on quilting my California Dreams 3 piece.

It feels good to be back in the saddle again! Or....back at the sewing machine again.


Gerrie said...

The post cards are delish. As for the snowy Sierra, I can live without that. Can't wait for the class.

LoieJ said...

I love the cards. Even on the computer screen they have energy and depth.

Deborah said...

The lastest series of postcards are really spectacular. They still look like YOU, but have lots of freshness.

Tomme said...

Ooh, fabulous postcards! Love the vibrant colors. (One of your cards is on my blog today.)