Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm Tired

I'm tired of the computer...I have been on it for days without end. All I want to do is to do a little art. Well, I did do a little art, about 8 x12" but right now I am not going to show anyone.

I have spend big bucks to get my Adobe PDF program so now I can post my lessons in PDF. I have spent days in Word creating little pictures to illustrate what I am discussing and trying to find just the right color among however many colors the computer can generate. I sure am learning a lot but I think right now I would rather be a little stupid.

I did spend some time coasting through the web looking at various collage artists and mixed media artists. I love collage and I love fiber and I am looking for my own way to combine the two and also to include paint, in a way that is all mine. I also love surface design and have purchased 30 4 x 4" carving blocks to make stamps and also gasket rubber to make bigger ones. It is so soothing to sit down and carve stamps...just abstract shapes, etc. Organic or geometric, it doesn't matter, they are both interesting to do.

So I have lots of images of other people's work to look at and study and figure out just why I like their work. I like to put the image in my sketch book and then write about it for future thought...if it is the color that draws me in, the texture, the composition, whatever. I will even make little thumbnails of the composition to consider for future use in some way. The trick is to learn from other artists but to not do their work. so I like to collect the stuff, write and draw about it and then let it sink in until I filter it through my processes.

The problem that I have is that I have so many images floating through my head but not the time to start doing them right now. So, I am really trying to be a good artist and jot down notes or thumbnails in my sketch book of the ideas I want to paint two layers of color and scratch through the top layer to bring out some of the bottom layer...this works on stretched canvas or board, I have got to figure out just how to process it for fabric. I have started doing painting on raw canvas using acrylic paints, not necessarily textile paints. My plan is to do these and then cut them up and use them in collages....

Now you know all my the time I get around to doing it, everyone else will have jumped on it and figured it out and did it well...then I won't have to do it.

In this last batch of postcards I started incorporating curved lines with satin stitching which echoes the painted lines on some of the fabric. I really like the way it looks. I am starting to see my wiggly satin stitch now in other work so I will not be using that so much...not that I feel I started it, but it is interesting to see elements that one has used frequently but hasn't seen around in other work start to all of a sudden pop up in different work! Just keeps me on my toes. I know there is nothing original in this world but how we put it all together speaks of us and who we are. So we just keep struggling to find the next step up the ladder and to explore more and more to keep those creative juices flowing.

I think I am currently spending about 10 hours a day or maybe more on my art career...either reading about art, keeping in touch with artists, studying art, writing about art and maybe once in a while, creating art...and then there is the business part of it like spending an hour to down load Adobe software, another hour getting it all set up, registered, etc. Not the fun stuff.

Oh well, back to writing my lessons...thanks for listening to least I hope someone besides Gerrie listens to me...what would I do without Gerrie? She keeps me going and makes me feel so good...speaking of Gerrie, it has been really fun to watch her develop her art skills over the past four or five years that I have known her...way to go, Gerrie!


Rayna said...

Liz, you sound exhausted. Hard work, isn't it - coming up with something new to teach that hasn't been done 1000 times before and has your own stamp and sensibility in it?

And as far as seeing the elements in your work being done all over the place - yes, I know about that, too.
Synchronicity or plain old copying?
Some of each, no doubt.

So, hugs to you and take a break if you can. It will all come together.

ginger said...

I listen...and learn....and watch you teach even when you are the learner....and when you are a teacher it is the beauty of that teaching to replayed as those learners go on their path....I do think Gerrie is amazing in more ways that art ...I have been renewing my relationship with blogs and internet sites that I have taken a break from this last year... and the growth ( kind of like watching your kids grow.... not so apparent on a daily basis but go away for awhile and WOW ) has been wonderful ...I love your passion...Ginger

Jeannie said...

I always listen. You are kind of like EF Hutton - remember the commercials? My idea of a great day would be spending it with you and Gerrie. Just sitting there listening to you bounce ideas off each other. Take care and know that I may not always comment, but you always cause me to think and eventually learn. Cheers.

English Rose said...

hang in there Liz, it will all be very worthwhile, but it is just plain exhausting getting everything up and running. I stop by regularly, don't always leave any message, but so enjoy reading your thoughts and the descriptions of your day. Keep up the great work.

Deborah said...

Even though you are tired and bogged down by all the tedious administrative stuff, I still sense of bit of excitment and growth about this stage in your career. Wonderful. I can't wait to see the carving. Have you seen Elin Waterson's blog -- she is carving a stamp everyday and posting it on her blog. Inspiring.

Linda Cline said...

I've been listening too Liz.

I really like your latest set of postcards. I noticed satin stitching, it looks like bent grass and adds a lot of character to them.

I've spent a lot of today doing work on the computer too. It's a bit frustating not having the physical evidence of the time spent.

Gerrie said...

Wow! I cN't believe that I wasn't the first person to comment!! This is great. And thank you so much for the boost to my ego. I can't wait for the class to start.

Anna said...

I so agree!