Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things are Happening

I received word the other day that my piece, Fargo, has been accepted into the special display of film quilts for the Long Beach Festival.

I also received a picture of my piece, Life Circles 2, from the show, Artist as Quiltmaker in Oberlin, OH. The grand opening was this past weekend.And here is a picture of part of the crowd that was there.

Well, tomorrow Marion Coleman, Susanne Scott and I open at the Adobe Gallery...will post pictures of that on Friday. Wish us luck and I hope to see some of you there!


Cathy in gorgeous Sonoma County said...

Best of luck with this show. I'd love to be there, but family funeral prevents. Please give my best to Marion. Cathy

TALL GIRL said...

love this fargo piece! have you been to fargo? it's lovely!!! :0)

Gerrie said...

I am venturing back into the world of blogs. Yours is the first!! So sorry to hear you were so ill and happy to know that you had family and Carol to help out. I am still totally screwed up with my times and sleeplessness. I hear it takes a week to recover from a time change like this. Love the Fargo piece. I guess I need to send you my address so that you can send me my collage mania piece.


Mai-Britt said...

Fargo is fantastic! It captures the film for me, so if that is not your intention - sorry..... Still a great piece. Congratulations!
I wonder what size it is?

Anonymous said...

I love your Fargo piece! Fargo is among my favorite movies, and I can definitely identify with the scenes you were capturing. I love the shadow of the fence and the texture of the snowy fields. Nice job!!

I'm glad you're feeling better. :-)

Sue K.