Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am Still Alive!

The drive back from Cambria took a lot out of me. Being sick is not fun. I hit the bed when I got home and did nothing. Finally on Monday I faced the music that I wasn't getting any better and shortness of breath and chest pains sent me to get checked out for any heart problems (none) but also to a doctor who listened to my lungs.

For the first time in my life I have come down with bronchitis. At least that is something that will respond to medication and I have been put on a round of antibiotics along with an inhaler to help open my lungs. This is not fun! I have things to do!

Well, during the night when I woke up coughing and needing to go to the bathroom, I realized that I was doing better...

I work up this morning knowing I was still happy to be alive and that the world was not going to end with me in bed or on the lounge chair in front of the stupid tv.

So, with guarded energy, I will get work together for a show I am doing with two other very talented women, Marion Coleman and Sue Scott. I tried to sew pieces to my unprimed canvas but only got four that every slow.

So, today, back to needle and thread, get some wire for hanging, pull quilts for the show, be sure I have all the hanging slats and make that list to take in tomorrow...that should wear me out pretty soon.

My on line class has started up again with 11 students. This is a very workable size for me. I certainly never want to go past 20 as that is just way too much work.

Oh well, back to the grinding stone with lots of rest periods...


Michele said...

Oh Liz. You need to put things off for a couple of days and do some R & R. Lung ailments are nothing to fool with. Unfortunately I learned that too late. After several bouts with some severe colds hahahahaha, due to untreatment it turned to Pleuresy (very painful) and a bout with pneumonia. All because of a cold. Now I have athsma, all due to allergies. So sweetheart, grab a good book or your sketchpad, put on some good music or a good movie, grab a favorite quilt and put your feet up a couple of days. Oh don't forget the hot tea with a little rum and honey :) And I have to tell you. I love the work your students are putting out. Hopefully you'll be doing those online classes for awhile. It looks like sew much fun. Well, take care and get better soon. said...

I am so glad you mentioned the work of Marion Coleman and included a link to her website. No wonder you are excited! Feel well soon,

Annette J said...

It will get better, I know from first-hand experience - I came back from Egypt feeling exactly as you do. I wish you every good wish with your work with Marion. Give her my love we've swapped cards in the past.


Karoda said...

I concur with Michele...bronchitis can be sneaky and linger even when you start to feel can yo-yo...proceed with caution.

Lora Martin said...

Oh, Liz! I suspected you were developing bronchitis from the sound of your cough at the retreat. Well, I guess we know for sure that you are one devoted teacher! No more. Please take care of yourself.