Thursday, February 24, 2005

Really on a roll

I can't believe the work I am producing. This is way too much fun! It can't be calorie free because it is so great and has me on a perpetual high. Last week I went to Bishop's Ranch in Healdsburg for a vestry work session with my church. Came back just blown away with all that had happened and the bonding and the trust that had developed, along with some great plans for where we want our church to go.

Anyway, I wanted to do some work but found myself in a very contemplative mood. So out came some very subtlee silk charmuse and I made two panel quilts...really just let the color show. One is already quilted and then today I put the backing on the other so I could do the quilting on that.
Yesterday I started fusing about 20 yards of cotton fabrics because I was so tired of ironing the stuff that I just decided I needed to use it myself. Well, before long I was busy fusing a couple of pieces and then this morning I got going and did a couple of more so now I have six pieces that are in need of quilting. Can't do it tomorrow because I get to babysit the most adorable grandbaby there ever was (mine, of course, need you ask?) but then Saturday, here I come.

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